About Us

Greetings from Dean Patterson


Welcome to George Mason University Dean of Students Office

As the Dean of Students at Mason, I have the great honor and pleasure of providing leadership and direction for a number of offices that directly impact student learning outside of the classroom. Our professional staff is dedicated to the holistic learning journey of students.  We provide a myriad of programs and services that enhance student’s understanding of their values and those of others in the community – all that we request is your full participation in your learning process!

It is my hope you find this website a useful tool in locating and connecting to important programs, services, and information. We are here to assist you when you have questions or are experiencing difficulties that might have a impact on your learning; whether you have a simple question or major concern, do not hesitate to contact the Dean of Students Office or other University Life staff members for information and guidance.  Recognizing that education is a process that occurs outside the classroom as well as inside, the Dean of Students staff is concerned with your well-being as a person living and learning in the Mason community.

Don’t be a stranger to the Dean of Students Office. The Deans want to get to know you and will offer you assistance in finding the answers to your questions.  If you’re not sure where to go, this is often a good place to start!

Pam Patterson, Assistant Vice President & Dean of Students